and it’s led by a woman!

Samia Suluhu Hassan

So, here we are, end of July 2021, barely 4 months into Samia Suluhu’s presidency, and tyranny is back. Chadema leader Freeman Mbowe is once again in prison, this time on trumped up terrorism charges. Rattled by the popularity of the “Katiba Mpya” movement, Samia Suluhu abused her presidential power to “make this problem go away”. Surprise, shock, disappointment; as Fatma Karume very succinctly put it: it turns out she is not the kindly, gentle, caring mother everyone thought, but a wicked stepmother.

But this is beyond the public perception of Samia Suluhu. Having…

An International Appeal

CDC Africa Guideline Cover

What is happening in Tanzania regarding COVID19 would be fodder for a Kafka-esque novel, had it not been that it is very tragic! Here is some context. Late yesterday the UK banned entry to travelers from Tanzania and D.R.C. in an attempt to stop the spread of the South Africa variant of COVID-19 Similar bans were imposed a few weeks ago on South Africa and its neighbors. …

(Let me start by saying that I am — IN NO WAY — trying to minimize or make fun of PTSD (Post Traumatic stress disorder) I recognize and understand its severity and the devastating effect it has on people.. My aim here is to point out what I, as an armchair psychologist, observed of the psychological effect that a violent election has had on Tanzania’s citizenry.

Ok, so now that I managed to catch your attention, I want to discuss the 2020 elections in Tanzania (though it cannot be called that by any stretch of the imagination). It has taken…

Image by MartinSTR

The word “change” always fills us with Fear even if we do not acknowledge it. As humans, we love the perception of continuity, of everything remaining as they are. Thus, when with time we realize that changes have occurred we reminisce for “those good old days”. But the reality is that Life is Change. And Change is perpetual. So the Maria of today is not the Maria of yesteryears — and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Of course for vanity purposes, we would all like to remain ‘young’ but again that is not really a good thing. …

Storm clouds gather in Tanzania ahead of elections

(Photo by Suparerg Suksai from Pexels)

I fret about our nation, Tanzania. I am not sure whether I am alone but I suffer from a lot of anxiety like never before. I worry that the actions of those who should be uniting us, will divide us like never before. In my view, the 2020 elections will be a watershed moment in our history, allow me to elaborate why I believe so.

I think that the ruling clique has a difficult choice to make in this election — peacefully transfer power now or retain it and face a popular…

“Unashika Dola, alafu unatumia Dola, kubaki kwenye Dola”

NOTE: I wrote this article in March 2020, planning it for my column “In My Humble Opinion” in The Citizen newspaper. However the column was abruptly cancelled by The Citizen. I found this article languishing in my “Drafts” and it hit me that everything I foresaw is unfolding — we were forewarned, but did we prepare? I believe that it was at this point in March that CCM realized and decided that it needs to remain in power at whatever cost:

Last week, Dr. Bashiru Ally, Secretary General of CCM, held…

No more institutions, it’s about the Big Man!

Mwalimu Nyerere on tour

Today is Nyerere Day, two weeks before general elections, 59 years after independence. I found a video on the website that contained an interview with Nyerere by a British channel. In this interview as a young president who had just made Tanzania a Republic, Mwalimu was discussing the importance of building institutions versus the existing system that served the Big Man — namely the chief in pre-colonial and the governor in colonial times.

#DearNyerere, here we are 59 years after independence and what do we have? We have a President and…

From the Twitter Republic of Tanzania

Jack Dorsey

Dear Jack Dorsey

Greetings from the autonomous Twitter Republic of #Tanzania

I have taken onto myself to drop you a few lines about the attacks that we are sustaining from enemies of our Republic who want to suppress our freedoms and most fundamentally the Freedom of Expression which is severely restricted in reality in #Tanzania. Our Twitter Republic is the last frontier and the only place to find unfiltered news, live updates on the ongoing campaigns in one of the (if not THE) most contested elections in the history of our country. It is…

Artwork by social media activists

Recently there has been a hashtag rising on Twitter and other social media platforms in Tanzania centered around elections 2020 — #77Nyeupe . This means Seven Seven (not seventy-seven!) White. 77 stands for seventh of July — which is a historic date in the history of Tanzania. The party that fought for independence on the mainland — the Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) — was born on 7th of July in 1954. TANU merged with the Zanzibar ruling party Afro Shirazi Party (ASP) in February 1977 (see the symbolic 77 here?) …

The definition of misogyny is short and clear: “hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women” In light of recent events, I discovered that misogyny can be cloaked in a very insidious violent way!

On Friday, March 13th, we received news that CHADEMA leaders and supporters were injured by guards at Segerea Prison, in Dar es Salaam when they went to get their Chair, Freeman Mbowe out of prison after paying a hefty 70 million shillings fine. Among the leaders who were injured, were two Members of Parliament, Halima Mdee and Ester Bulaya. Both women were part of…

Maria Sarungi Tsehai

Media and Communications expert, #ChangeTanzania #GoodTrouble activist

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